Learning about Butterflies & Sunflowers

VIDEO: Painted Lady Butterflies Emerge from the Chrysalises


The Labs are based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Permission to reproduce all PDFs for educational purposes.

PreKindergarten & Kindergarten

Butterfly Lab: Butterfly Wonder
2-sided Copies Recommended.

A playful way for the students to begin learning about butterflies and the wonder of their transformation. Includes songs, activities and a word wall.

Sunflower Lab: Every Seed Counts
2-sided Copies Recommended.

Our sunflower curriculum accompanies the Sunflower All Star Kit and the storybook, Every Seed Counts. Includes activities, a word wall and songs.


1st Grade

Butterfly Lab: Amazing Bodies, Amazing Butterflies
2-sided Copies Recommended.

This hands-on lab for 1st grade science builds experiences and skills for observing caterpillars closely and learning the anatomy of caterpillars, butterflies and other insects.

2nd Grade

Butterfly Lab: Butterflies & Pollination
2-sided Copies Recommended.

This hands-on lab for 2nd grade science builds understanding about the importance of pollination and the interactions of plants and pollinators.

3rd Grade

Butterfly Lab: The Butterfly Life Cycle
2-sided Copies Recommended.

Students will experience the wonder of a butterfly’s metamorphosis by looking closely at the growing caterpillars, chrysalis and adult butterfly.

4th Grade

Butterfly Lab: Super Power Senses, Super Amazing Anatomy
2-sided Copies Recommended.

Students will understand that butterflies have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction. They will use a model to describe that butterflies receive different types of information through their senses, process the information in their brain, and respond in a variety of ways.

5th Grade

Butterfly Lab: Butterflies & Food Webs
2-sided Copies Recommended.

Students will learn about food chains and food webs, along with the role of caterpillars and butterflies in them. They will also closely observe the caterpillars, take measurements & calculate the mean of the rate of growth & food consumption & compare graphs of the data.