Hi My name is Michael.  I just finished first grade and my teacher gave me these sunflower seeds to grow over the summer so I grew these sunflowers this past summer.

Hello my name is Nyemade and this is how you take care of earth. 1,don't litter 2,pick up trash cans and put it in the trash bin 3, water the grass and trees 4, cut the grass. Thank you for reading this ❤ ♥ 🙏

We had the best time growing our sunflowers!

I do speeches with my family and tell people how to love and care for earth.I don't care what the animals are so I leave food out for them and I make bird and butterfly houses.So I pray asking for earth to be peaceful again because my dream is to save the entire earth...

We have been learning about the life cycle of a flower and planted a sunflower garden in our backyard!

Our family loves growing flowers and welcoming birds, bees and butterflies!

I garden without any chemicals. Most of our yard is flower gardens, trees and shrubs with very little lawn. We plant perennial natives as much as we can. Our flowering plants are successional, so that there is always food for pollinators. We also put out bird feeders...

Gable planted the seeds he got in kindergarten and grew these lovely sunflowers on our porch! He loved watching them grow.

Just adding one more pic. I really enjoyed caring for and growing my sunflowers.

My name is Jaylee and I grew sunflowers in our vegetable garden with the seeds I received in class. I love and protect the earth and it's creatures by recycling, not littering and growing flowering plants to help feed pollinating insects.

Jackson received his sunflower seeds in the spring in kindergarten & enjoyed planting them in his own little garden area - they grew so tall! We measured his tallest at over 15 feet! He’s enjoyed even more now cutting them down to dry out the seeds to plant in...

Lane is 7 years old. Lane received his Sunflower 🌻 seeds from his Kindergarten teacher last school year and was so Excited to plant them. Lane watered them and protected them until it was time to transplant them to the outside. Lane couldn’t believe that they...

We would love to submit this photo to the Sunflower All Stars!! Madison had so much fun in the garden growing all kinds if food and flowers. This was our biggest sunflower this year.

Abel grew a sunflower!

Edvin (3 yr. old) planted sunflower seeds that were given him at his preschool. They grew up enormous! New Hampshire

Sawyer planted sunflower seeds given to him in his preschool class last spring. They have blossomed into big beautiful flowers and he is so proud! We loved watching them grow!

Reagan Gilson’s sunflower, Iowa

Brayden received his sunflower seeds from his teacher in Caledonia, Mississippi!! They required a lot of care, but were a lot of fun to care for and make sure that they had proper nutrients!

Alexis grew several sunflowers from seeds that were provided to her from her preschool class.

Wylie couldn’t decide on just one picture!

Wylie loved growing the sunflowers!

Aubrie started with 12 seeds, 7 rooted, and 4 went to full bloom!!!

Carter grew his sunflower from seed to 7 ft. tall!!!

We started a Green Team at our School, Hartem Green Team.  We share our love of the Earth at Waste Awareness Events all over out Community . We recycle lots of materials and share our recycling containers with several other groups and individuals.  We are...

We are Connor and Charlotte age 7 from Iowa.  We planted these sunflowers with our mom and took care of them all summer.  We had so much fun watching them grow!

Nathanael, age 9, received a packet of sunflower seeds at school, and brought them home to plant.  However, we have very little space for tall sunflowers where they would receive enough sun, so he was only able to plant a few.  Today, Labor Day, they are just opening...

We grew our sunflowers from small seeds!

Layla grew a HUGE sunflower from her classroom kit!

Raleigh, age 5, planted Sunflower seeds one day this Summer while his mama was working in the yard. Look at what happened a few weeks later! He was super proud & these Sunflowers brought smiles to us and all of our neighbors!🌻

My name is Milee and I planted sunflower seeds in my backyard. My sunflower grew taller than our house ! I love to help my mom plant flowers and I always recycle. I love my planet Earth.

My name is Yahir (5 years) I raised my sunflower seed in the pre-kindergarten class.

Camden planted sunflowers!

My daughter Caroline received these sunflower seeds at school. We planted several seeds and three of them grew into beautiful sunflowers!

I love and protect the Earth by not littering and helping to get rid of litter.  My family and I did a beach sweep picking up trash and plastic that people left on the beach. We also reuse containers like yogurt containers for other types of food like fruit.

We pick up trash and plant our own garden. We share with others from the garden and love everyone.

Brynlee and Lincoln got their seeds at school.

I am 6 years old and received these sunflower seeds from my Kindergarten teacher at Rockville Elementary.  My family and I love to grow flowers and vegetables!

We plant food and sunflowers.

Eliana watered and cared for this sunflower since it was a seed.

My name is Eli and I got my sunflower seeds from my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Vesey at Maplewood Elementary in Puyallup, Wa.

We are big recyclers. We got these seeds from school.

My kids Sirish (9) and Sahasra (4) love watching sunflowers grow. Every time a new flower blooms they get very excited. Every morning after they wake up they go out in the backyard to see sunflowers.

My name is Tia and I go to school.  I am in first grade.

My daughter Anna planted her sunflower seeds and took care of them. Because her kindergarten teacher gave them to her at Surf City Elementary in NC.

My daughter, Pippa, received your sunflower seeds at school in the spring. She planted them and has been waiting all summer and we finally have a sunflower! She's very excited. Thanks so much 🙂

Zachary from Capron Elementary. Seeds were sent home for Mother’s Day 2019!

Way to grow, Owen!

I grew a sunflower from seed all by myself!

My name is Beau and I am 4 years old. I measured my tallest sunflower that I grew and it is 10 1/2 feet tall!!

Our son received a packet of your Sunflower All Stars! seeds from school and helped us plant them in a sunny spot in the yard. We had many sprouts pop up but unfortunately, due to the unusually wet spring we had, only two plants thrived. Here’s Kale, age 7, with his...