My name is Yahir (5 years) I raised my sunflower seed in the pre-kindergarten class.

My name is Milee and I planted sunflower seeds in my backyard. My sunflower grew taller than our house ! I love to help my mom plant flowers and I always recycle. I love my planet Earth.

Camden planted sunflowers!

My daughter Caroline received these sunflower seeds at school. We planted several seeds and three of them grew into beautiful sunflowers!

I love and protect the Earth by not littering and helping to get rid of litter.  My family and I did a beach sweep picking up trash and plastic that people left on the beach. We also reuse containers like yogurt containers for other types of food like fruit.

We pick up trash and plant our own garden. We share with others from the garden and love everyone.

Brynlee and Lincoln got their seeds at school.

I am 6 years old and received these sunflower seeds from my Kindergarten teacher at Rockville Elementary.  My family and I love to grow flowers and vegetables!

We plant food and sunflowers.

Eliana watered and cared for this sunflower since it was a seed.

My name is Eli and I got my sunflower seeds from my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Vesey at Maplewood Elementary in Puyallup, Wa.

We are big recyclers. We got these seeds from school.

My kids Sirish (9) and Sahasra (4) love watching sunflowers grow. Every time a new flower blooms they get very excited. Every morning after they wake up they go out in the backyard to see sunflowers.

My name is Tia and I go to school.  I am in first grade.

My daughter Anna planted her sunflower seeds and took care of them. Because her kindergarten teacher gave them to her at Surf City Elementary in NC.

My daughter, Pippa, received your sunflower seeds at school in the spring. She planted them and has been waiting all summer and we finally have a sunflower! She's very excited. Thanks so much 🙂

Zachary from Capron Elementary. Seeds were sent home for Mother’s Day 2019!

Way to grow, Owen!

I grew a sunflower from seed all by myself!

My name is Beau and I am 4 years old. I measured my tallest sunflower that I grew and it is 10 1/2 feet tall!!

Our son received a packet of your Sunflower All Stars! seeds from school and helped us plant them in a sunny spot in the yard. We had many sprouts pop up but unfortunately, due to the unusually wet spring we had, only two plants thrived. Here’s Kale, age 7, with his...

Look at the sunflowers we grew!

Hello, My sunflowers are little contribution to keep our planet Earth healthy.

We planted a vegetable and flower garden.

We have a vegetable garden and lots of flowers.

I grew my sunflower seeds at home! Sunflowers need water, sunlight, and soil to grow.

My name is Hunter McCartney.  I am 6 years old.  I love the earth by recycling whatever I can.

Here I am with a sunflower that I grew!

Sunflower all star! Planted seeds and grew them into blooming plants.

Look how tall these sunflowers have grown! We still have some that's even taller than I but have not bloomed yet. ~ Rishayna "True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time." ~ Marie Williams Johnstone

I planted these sunflowers because they're pretty and bees love them!

These sunflowers are beautiful! Seeing them every day always gives a smile on my face! ~ Crisztoff "Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look at a sunflower." ~ Vera Nazarian

Jaxon's sunflower grew really really TALL!!!!!

This is our first sunflower that bloomed! It may be the shortest amongst its batch of plants but it was the first to bloom!  I love it! ~ Aaliyah "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do." ~ Helen Keller

Plant sunflowers!

Plant flowers

We plant flowers and vegetables and love to watch them grow. We learn how to take care of a garden and what plants need to grow and be strong.

I plant lots of flowers, irises, red hot pokers, pumpkins, gourds, field peas, and cabbages. I also clean up litter, use reusable bags, and recycle! Here is a picture of me and the sunflower I grew with seeds from Celebrate Planet Earth.

This is Skylar. She planted this shortly after school was out. She loved taking care or it and watching it grow!

My name is Ariel I planted these sunflowers when school let out for the year. Here is me with my sunflowers in the picture attached below

This is Maycee. She planted her sunflower seeds and they grew nice and tall. Maycee loves the earth and especially flowers!!!! She enjoys planting flowers that attract butterflies. Thank you!

This is Bentley!! He loves the earth and constantly wants to play and explore outside. He loves anything to do with bugs or plants. He planted his sunflowers and they grew nice and tall.

Hi! We planted Sunflower seeds and they grew nice and tall. Maycee LOVES flowers and enjoys planting various kinds for butterflies to enjoy. Thanks again!!

I have a packet of sunflower seeds ready to plant. I love planting flowers and protect our Earth by raising Environmental awareness. My name is Jenni B, and I live in Pennsylvania. Thank you for everything you do!

I pick up trash at the park. I help my mom with her gardens.

I help my mom plant vegetables. I make sure my trash goes in the can.

I help my mom plant and water our flowers.

My name is Brayden and my Pre-K teacher gave me sunflower seeds. I planted several seeds in my backyard, watered them daily, and watched them grow. They are finally beginning to bloom and I am so excited!

We had an amazing butterfly release celebration this year at Locust Grove Public School in Locust Grove, Oklahoma!

I make sure that every thing is nice and clean. I love planting flowers for my environment ! I love butterflies there wings are so pretty. I also pick up trash in my town. - Ashlyn B. 10