I love the 🌎! Its our home!

My name is Jatorieous. I'm growing a sunflower to protect the earth and make it pretty!

Love grew her sunflower.

Save Our Home!

Save the Planet!

Way to grow!

My name is Stefanie Jeffreys and I am the Student Director of the Honors Program at Stockton University. Each year we vote on a cause to run a fundraiser for and plan our service projects around. This year, our organization voted on the Environment. For the third year...

My mom and I planted the sunflowers last year, we got from school and one of them grew until it was seven and one half feet tall.  In the picture it grew well over our porch. This photo was taken

Hi I’m Ella, I love growing flowers in the Spring. I got sunflower seeds from my school and they are growing big already!

At my school we protect the Earth by picking up trash from around us and we also at are school recycle . A lot of times when we have snack we eat at our garden and trash gets every were so after its called a trash pick up we go back to the garden and pick up all the...

I love the Earth and Protect it. Our school has a garden and we take good care of it. I have a bunch of animals and I love and care for them also. I don't like it when people litter because it can kill and harm animals or plants. Our Earth is very special to me...

I like earth because we have food to eat and we have animals and we have water. I would not start a forest fire so the Earth would be safe

In our school we protect the earth by cleaning it and by helping it grow.  We make sure that we do not let people liter and we help the Earth by planting plants and helping it grow.

My school protects the earth by letting butterflies out so they can pollinate the Earth.  We also clean our garden. We love plant earth!

Hi My name is Shania and I attend Holy Trinity in Morrisville Pa. I loved the sunflower seed project. My mom gave permission to post this !

Our family protects the Earth by recycling and picking up pollution. We love the Earth by planting flowers and vegetables.

We plant flowers the bees love.

We planted sunflower seeds to brighten up our garden!

Alexander has watered his sunflowers everyday waiting for them to bloom!

This planet is our one and only home. We have no other choice. We must care for it .

Piper with her Sunflowers!

I do not litter to protect the Earth and plant sunflowers to make it pretty. Savanah

I grew sunflowers too!

I grew sunflowers!

This, is Aaliyah, she kept waiting for her sunflowers to grow so she could share! It was hard to get a picture because they grew so tall.

Andrew loved growing his sunflowers! Thank you!

Andrew and his sunflowers!

We had so much fun raising our caterpillars and watching them turn into butterflies this summer!

Donna LeCave's first grade class at Jack London Elementary raised $650.00 to protect critical habitats in Latin America!!

I grew Sunflowers to help feed the birds! Addison S. Age 7

We planted gardens for butterflies and bumble bees at our preschool to support and help replenish our pollinators!

Jocelyn is so proud of her sunflower sprout!

My students wanted to watch the caterpillars crawling all day! I hope we can do this again next year! Mrs. Gonzales

She's so happy that her giant sunflowers bloomed! Ms. Williams

Our class learned all about the metamorphosis of butterflies.

We played in the water fountain.

My sunflowers are taller than I am!

I love to hug trees.

I grew my sunflowers with my grandma.

I loved seeing my sunflowers bloom.