Dear Friends and Family,

Wow! 2021 has been quite a year for all of us!

This year we are asking for your financial support to help us make the world a little greener. We are joining the work to plant trees in the rainforests of eastern Ecuador. Our goal is to raise $20,000 this year that will allow YAKUM to plant 20,000 new trees. Watch YAKUM’s video on our homepage –

There are two ways you can support our efforts this year.

1. You can make a direct donation to Celebrate Planet Earth through Donate NOW on our website, and we will use 100% of your contribution to plant trees.

Magic Green Star2. You can give a gift of our Make a Green Star Kit to someone you care about this holiday. Every Star that you give will plant 10 trees through a donation that we give to YAKUM. Each $20 Make a Green Star Kit comes with 5 brand new $2.00 bills, instructions for folding your own Magic Green Star, and a Certificate for planting 10 trees.

We’re happy to let you know that despite all the pandemic disruptions to schools across the country, we were able to provide 10,000 classrooms and 200,000 students the life-affirming experience of raising butterflies and growing giant sunflowers.

We are most proud of the fact that with your generous support, Celebrate Planet Earth was able to provide 2,700 families in New Mexico’s Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties with free educational materials including sunflower seeds, caterpillars, and our bilingual Nature Library, each with four books.

After all that we have been through this year, the last thing any of us need is more stuff that damages our beloved Earth. By planting trees, we give ourselves and those we love a true GIFT this holiday season.

Love to everyone,

Clifford Ross, Director of Play

Jon Weaver, Director 

Community work planting trees
Community work planting trees
Community work planting trees