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Brianna planted this seed late August. We were surprised that it still bloomed with it getting cold. Brianna is only 5 but loves to help in the garden.

My name is Julian, and i am 7 yrs old.  I planted a sunflower at school last year, and i got it to sprout. I like helping my  mom and dad plant seeds in the garden. I like to pick up trash at the park that people leave to keep the earth clean too. I am happy my flower grew. 

Hi thank you for the sunflower seeds. I planted them in the beginning of June when I received them from my teacher. I had a lot of fun planting flowers. My name is Aspen. I was in kindergarten last year.

Owen and I planted our seeds in late May and watched them grow all summer long. Finally at the very end of August, they bloomed! Sunflowers grow very tall; Owen posed for this photo on a ladder!

During last semester, my teacher (Mrs. Williams), taught us all about plants and gave us sunflowers seeds for us to plant. We want to share with you our experience. We enjoyed the entire process  from planting the seeds through watch them grow taller than us!! We replant them to our front garden! Our grandfather, Jose Serrano, helped us! We love our garden! We hope you like our sunflowers as much as we do! — Mia and Carlos

As we keep our rooms and houses clean and beautiful, together, we need to keep clean and beautiful the house that we share, Earth. If we protect our planet, we are protecting our future! — Carlos