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Reviews for the Caterpillar Cup

7 reviews for Caterpillar Cup

  1. Dawn Voland

    If your a parent looking to enhance your childs science room, these are a great idea. Very easy and educational for every grade. I have ordered & donated these for several years, and the teachers so appreciate the extra project. Students, the younger the better, love them. Thank you. Dawn, Wisconsin.

  2. Lewis Love

    We had such a great experience with the butterfly project. The process was easy, the product was great and the students and staff really enjoyed the process of experiencing the life cycle and the release. Thank you so much for making this a possibility for us to participate in. We truly appreciate it!! Thank you! — Sherri Vinston

  3. Lewis Love

    As always, our butterfly experience was fun, fact filled, and exciting for children and staff. I had ordered three separate kits for classrooms and we had almost 100% success rate with our caterpillar to butterflies. Release day for all three classrooms went well — the butterflies obligingly landed on nearby dandelions; allowing the children to hunker down and study them as the butterflies became acclimated to their new environment. I will most certainly be ordering again next year — in fact one teacher has asked that she be allowed to have twice as many! Thank you for all your help. — Anita Swift, Waseca Head Start

  4. Lewis Love

    We love our butterflies and don’t want to get them anywhere else but you guys
    They arrived on time and ate, grew and were released! Thanks, Cathy

  5. Lewis Love

    Our preschool was so blown away by the amazing butterfly experience that you afforded us! The children were engaged, invested, and in awe of the metamorphosis process. The materials provided helped children to follow the growth process step by step and better understand what they were personally witnessing. The culmination of our unit was when we were able to release the butterflies class by class and allow the children to touch the butterflies and release them into the sky. We took some amazing photos that bring a perfect definition to the word “wonderment”. We will be forever grateful for this experience. — Koryn Parker, Little Learner’s Exploration Academy

  6. Lewis Love

    Our butterfly experience was wonderful. Every single caterpillar turned into a butterfly. The kids truly enjoyed the experience of watching the life cycle of the butterfly and then being able to watch them being released. — Amy Blaum, Nokomis CUSD 22

  7. polovick

    We’ve been ordering these for years and our preschoolers love watching the caterpillars turn into butterflies! And when the time comes, it’s fun to release them and watch them fly away.

    • Lewis Love

      Thanks so much!

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Cup of Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars

Reviews for the Basic Butterfly Kit

3 reviews for Basic Butterfly Kit

  1. Lewis Love

    Thank you so much for sending the butterfly kits – we LOVED them! Everything was easy to implement and wonderful to have! I appreciate the resources that come with the kit. — Amanda

  2. Lewis Love

    Thank you SO much! I absolutely love your company and appreciate how helpful you are! The kids are excited about the caterpillars. Something to look forward to after this cold winter! — Kelsey Verhaeghe, McDanield Learning Center

  3. Lewis Love

    Fantastic! My favorite STEM project of the year!

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Basic Butterfly Kit

Reviews for the Butterflies & Sunflowers Kit

1 review for Butterflies & Sunflowers Kit

  1. dmnlieto73

    This is an amazing kit! Complete with everything to inspire the kids. The new grow pellets included in the sunflower kits really make it a complete and easy project for us. Celebrate Planet Earth rocks!

    • Lewis Love

      Thank you, your feedback is very appreciated!

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Butterfly & Sunflower Kit

Reviews for the Sunflower Celebration Kit


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Sunflower Celebration Kit