Learning about Butterflies & Sunflowers

VIDEO: Painted Lady Butterflies Emerge from the Chrysalises

Butterfly Lab: Butterfly Wonder

Pre-K & Kindergarten.
A playful way for the students to begin learning about butterflies & the wonder of their transformation. Includes songs, activities & word wall.

Sunflower Lab: Every Seed Counts

Pre-K & Kindergarten.
Our sunflower curriculum accompanies the Sunflower Celebration Kit and the storybook, Every Seed Counts. Includes activities, a word wall & songs.

Butterfly Lab: Amazing Bodies

1st Grade.
This hands-on lab for 1st grade science builds skills for observing caterpillars closely & learning the anatomy of caterpillars, butterflies & other insects.

Butterfly Lab: Butterflies & Pollination

2nd Grade.
This hands-on lab for 2nd grade science builds understanding about the importance of pollination and the interactions of plants and pollinators.

Butterfly Lab: The Butterfly Life Cycle

3rd Grade.
Students will experience the wonder of a butterfly’s metamorphosis by looking closely at the growing caterpillars, chrysalis & adult butterfly.

Butterfly Lab: Super Power Senses

4th Grade.
Students will understand that butterflies have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction.

Butterfly Lab: Butterflies & Food Webs

5th Grade.
Students will learn about food chains & food webs, along with the role of butterflies in them. They will also closely observe the caterpillars, take measurements & calculate the mean of the rate of growth & food consumption.