Welcome to International Paper’s
Butterflies & Sunflowers 2020!

Thanks to the generous support of your local International Paper facility and the International Paper Foundation, you are among the thousands of teachers receiving our Butterflies & Sunflowers Classroom Kit this spring. By sponsoring classroom kits across the U.S., International Paper is working with Celebrate Planet Earth to empower schoolchildren as the future stewards of our Earth.

International Paper

For all questions & concerns related to your classroom kits,
please call our friendly, customer service at 800-698-4438
or email orders@CelebratePlanetEarth.org


Get ready! Your classroom will become a hands-on, life science laboratory!

Butterfly & Sunflower KitYour Butterflies & Sunflowers Classroom Kit includes:

• Cup of painted lady butterfly caterpillars

• Fold-out, paper butterfly house

• Butterfly life cycle poster with care instructions

• Hand-knit butterfly finger puppet

• Sunflower All Stars Kit with seed packets, poster and Every Seed Counts storybook




Download Butterfly Science Today!

Download Butterfly Care 101