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Julian’s first grade teacher gave him a packet of these sunflower seeds.
He loved taking care of them and watching them grow!

Benjamin loves to protect the environment and helps picking up trash when we go on walks. He loves nature and seeks to preserve it.

Our family grows a full garden. I help watering all our plants! I love helping start seeds, planting them, picking them and most of all, EATING THEM!! We also recycle driftwood by making arts and crafts! It’s better than a coloring book. I wood burn and paint them. Growing sunflowers this year, was so exciting!

We grew these from the seeds you gave Ivan at school. This is Ivan who will be in Grade 2 and Nora who will be in Kindergarten. They both try to conserve water as much as possible by turning off the faucet while they brush their teeth twice each day. They love to play outside and NEVER litter, they pick up and throw trash away whenever they see it.

I grew my first Sunflowers and plan on feeding my chickens the seeds but until then we love the color and their height!

Eli grew his first garden this year!