I love the 🌎! Its our home!

My name is Jatorieous. I’m growing a sunflower to protect the earth and make it pretty!

Love grew her sunflower.

My name is Stefanie Jeffreys and I am the Student Director of the Honors Program at Stockton University. Each year we vote on a cause to run a fundraiser for and plan our service projects around. This year, our organization voted on the Environment. For the third year...

My mom and I planted the sunflowers last year, we got from school and one of them grew until it was seven and one half feet tall.  In the picture it grew well over our porch. This photo was taken
Celebrate Planet Earth!

Celebrate Planet Earth!

Walk barefoot on green grass! Wade in a stream! Hug a tree! Every single day – Celebrate Planet Earth! #celebrateplanetearth

Hi I’m Ella, I love growing flowers in the Spring. I got sunflower seeds from my school and they are growing big already!