Just adding one more pic. I really enjoyed caring for and growing my sunflowers.

My name is Jaylee and I grew sunflowers in our vegetable garden with the seeds I received in class. I love and protect the earth and it’s creatures by recycling, not littering and growing flowering plants to help feed pollinating...

Jackson received his sunflower seeds in the spring in kindergarten & enjoyed planting them in his own little garden area – they grew so tall! We measured his tallest at over 15 feet! He’s enjoyed even more now cutting them down to dry out the seeds to plant...

Lane is 7 years old. Lane received his Sunflower 🌻 seeds from his Kindergarten teacher last school year and was so Excited to plant them. Lane watered them and protected them until it was time to transplant them to the outside. Lane couldn’t believe that they...

We would love to submit this photo to the Sunflower All Stars!! Madison had so much fun in the garden growing all kinds if food and flowers. This was our biggest sunflower this year.

Abel grew a sunflower!

Edvin (3 yr. old) planted sunflower seeds that were given him at his preschool. They grew up enormous! New Hampshire

Sawyer planted sunflower seeds given to him in his preschool class last spring. They have blossomed into big beautiful flowers and he is so proud! We loved watching them grow!

Reagan Gilson’s sunflower, Iowa

Brayden received his sunflower seeds from his teacher in Caledonia, Mississippi!! They required a lot of care, but were a lot of fun to care for and make sure that they had proper nutrients!