Every gift helps plant trees in the rainforests of eastern Ecuador. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 and plant 20,000 trees as a gift to the Earth.

Celebrate Planet Earth is proud to support YAKUM, our conservation partner. YAKUM works in Ecuador to empower the Shuar, Kichwa, Siekopai, and Cofan indigenous groups to continue protecting more than 1 million acres of Amazon forests as they have done for centuries. Their culture and way of life depend on the survival of the rainforests, and in turn, these forests depend on the protection they receive from these tribes.

Each of the four nationalities is protecting large areas of Amazon rainforest and face serious threats. The Cofan and Siekopai have been heavily impacted by decades of oil production, mining, cattle grazing and African Oil Palm production. The Kichwa have recently regained control of some of the territories lost to fraudulent government land offices, and are allowing these areas to return to forests. The Shuar have steadfastly prevented the entrance of mining and oil production into their forests.