I first planted them in a flower pot, then when they were big enough I replanted them in the ground. Watered them about every 2 days depending on the weather. 3rd grade.

Reagan received the sunflower seeds in her 4th grade class. She planted them in her mom and dad’s front flower bed, right with the gerber daisies. Several are blooming in beautiful Arlington, TN!

Silvia recycles, knows about compost, and reusing/ transforming old things in new stuff. Her sunflower barely survived the nightly buffet of the deer in our yard. Out of 5 it’s the last one. It got eaten once but came back. We had to guard it to help get it to...

Cayton helped his big sister plant and care for her sunflower seeds. He waited patiently for them to bloom and finally on July 1st the first flower opened. He was so excited to show her!

Nathan received sunflower seeds from Celebrate Planet Earth, in his 3rd grade class. He enjoyed caring for them and watching them bloom!