This is Rhylie she grew her sunflowers that she got from School. With a Hot summer it was a rough start to the flowers but some are blooming. We had to take this photo before a Big Rain storm came in due to Hurricane IDA.

London grew her Sunflower from seed. She received her seeds from school. She grew the seed through the whole summer and watered the Sunflower 🌻 every day. She is very proud of her Sunflower she grew from a seed. She is super excited and looking forward...

Wyatt planted sunflower seeds he got from school and they grew very tall.

Imagine one million sunflower! This is Maggie, she grew this wonderful sunflower this summer and has been dying to show it off!

We planted the sunflowers seeds in homemade compost and watered it with rain water collected in our rain barrel. Now they bloomed! #onemillionsunflowers